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11 January 2011 @ 03:04 am
From Twitter 01-10-2011  

  • 08:21:54: Just walked to ku med center in the snow! Put on so many layers I'm sweating. #winterstorm
  • 08:31:08: I'm the third person in a huge auditorium and the fourth and fifth people in both have to sit on either side of me?!? #seriously?
  • 15:17:03: Alright Netflix people who have dexter season 3 disc 2, return them!!! I need the "very long wait" to go away so I can finish season 3!
  • 21:27:59: RT @softreeds: rumor has it that Streetside Records will actually be reopening at the same location in Westport. this is great... http: ...

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